Terms of Use

  1. Security SCANNER and MONITOR by H-X Technologies are professional automated SERVICES designed to legitimately assess the security of WEBSITES (target objects).
  2. SECURITY SCANNER (Vulnerability Scanner) is a free-of-charge online service, which provides a one-time automatic analysis of a website using multiple vulnerability scanning engines. The SCANNER has quick and normal modes. Each user can run 7 free-of-charge normal scans weekly and then is invited to subscribe for the Security Monitor.
  3. SECURITY SCANNING MONITOR (Vulnerability Monitor) is an online subscription service, which uses the Security Scanner engines to perform daily scanning sessions, tracks the website vulnerabilities over time, and notifies the user when vulnerabilities increase, decrease or change. The standard subscription price is 54 USD for the security monitoring of one website for 31 days. We have seasonal, personal and other discounts. The Visa/Mastercard payments of the USERS are processed directly by a processing center, which is compliant with the PCI DSS and uses state-of-the-art cybersecurity techniques.
  4. The USER of the SERVICES must be either the owner of the website or the person authorized by the owner to scan the website for technical vulnerabilities. Before activating the Scanner or Monitor, the USER should notify their web hosting provider about the vulnerability scanning.
  5. In many jurisdictions, unauthorized vulnerability scanning is considered an offense. At H-X, we do our best to comply with relevant laws and regulations and to reduce our clients' risks and those of third parties (USER authorization, verbose logging, etc.), but the SERVICE USER is the only responsible person for the vulnerability scanning, monitoring, and any legal consequences.
  6. H-X SERVICES are solely an interface to the acknowledged vulnerability scanning tools. H-X does not take any responsibility for any legal consequences of the vulnerability scanning or monitoring.
  7. The USER's IP address and their actions are logged. See the H-X Privacy Policy.
  8. The SERVICES provide only automated quick, basic security analysis. False positives are normal with any vulnerability scanner. Information from the scanning reports should be verified manually. The automated SERVICES do not include manual verification or penetration tests, which can be ordered separately.
  9. The scan will normally take several minutes, but should it take much longer due to some reason, it will be interrupted by the server after several hours.
  10. MONITORING scan sessions are designed to run daily (every 24 hours), but sometimes can be delayed, depending on the server load.
  11. Usually, SECURITY SCANNER or MONITOR do not impact the availability or functionality of the target objects, but before using the SERVICES, the USER should take precautions and take business continuity and disaster recovery steps: make proper backups, define and test response procedures, etc. Such measures are recommended to prevent cybersecurity incidents and to protect from any real emergencies, attacks or threats, which can come from hackers, malware and other sources on the Internet. In any case, the risk of using the professional controlled scanning services is much lower than the risk of ignoring or underestimating real uncontrolled attacks.
  12. Report retention periods. SCANNER reports are stored during 7 days in fast mode and during 92 days in normal mode. The MONITOR reports are stored during 366 days.

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