Security assessment and audit

Spend 10 minutes, for free, to check the extent to which your company complies with ISO 27001, and also how much time you need to achieve full compliance and certification.
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Automated scanning


Automated black-box website security assessment. Prompt result. Different scan modes, depth, and quality. Choose free-of-charge on-demand testing or cheap subscription to 24/7 monitoring. Learn more.
Licensed scan

Licensed Scan *

Manual vulnerability scanning of websites and networks with commercial scanners: Acunetix, BurpSuite Pro, Qualys, Nexpose. Limited reporting: the summary and raw scanner reports. The minimum order includes a simple website or service (up to 20 pages and 2 forms), or 16 IP addresses, takes 2 to 3 days and is $15 per IP address for the networks (Qualys + Nexpose) or $180 per website or service (Acunetix + BurpSuite Pro). Details.

Pentest and Red Team *

Manual and automated security assessment of websites, networks, applications, etc. Optional DoS/DDoS, social engineering tests, Red Team, reverse engineering, zero-day research, security review of source code of applications. Risk assessment, remediation recommendations, and reporting. Vulnerability mitigation assistance and retest after mitigation. Express Pentest is from $150 per IP address or $1500 per simple website or service (up to 20 pages and 2 forms). Details.

* Subscribe for 12 months and get 4 quarterly security assessments with a 10% discount.

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Compare Service Details

Scope and para­me­ters Free Scan Licensed Scan * Express Pen­test * Full Pen­test *
Analy­sis of web­sites, web apps yes yes 20 pages yes 20 pages yes
Analy­sis of net­works - yes 16 hosts yes 16 hosts yes
Analy­sis of desk­top or mo­bile ap­pli­ca­tions - - - yes
Black box mode yes yes yes yes
Gray box mode - - yes lim­it­ed (1 user role) yes op­tion­al
White box mode (incl. code review) - - - yes op­tion­al
OWASP top 10 tests partial partial yes yes
SANS top 25 tests partial partial partial yes
OWASP ASVS and SAMM assurance - - - yes op­tion­al
Open-source tools yes H-X scanner on demand yes yes
Com­mer­cial tools (Qualys, Acu­netix, Nexpose, Burp Suite Pro, etc.) - yes yes yes
Cyber hooli­gan / script-kiddie at­tack­er mod­el - yes yes yes
Pur­pose­ful pro­fes­sion­al at­tack­er mod­el - - - yes
Au­to­mat­ed search yes yes yes yes
Man­u­al search - - yes 8 man-hours yes
DoS/DDoS-at­tack mod­el­ing only DoS (non-volu­met­ric) only DoS (non-volu­met­ric) only DoS (non-volu­met­ric) yes op­tion­al
Social en­gi­neer­ing tests - - - yes op­tion­al
Covert tests, Red Team and Blue Team exercises - - - yes op­tion­al
Reverse en­gi­neer­ing and 0-day vul­ner­a­bil­i­ty re­search - - - yes op­tion­al
Vul­ner­a­bil­i­ty ver­i­fi­ca­tion - - yes yes
Vul­ner­a­bil­i­ty ex­ploita­tion - - limit­ed (pub­lic ex­ploits) yes
Project plan­ning - - yes tem­plat­ed yes cus­tomized
Risk as­sess­ment yes stan­dard yes stan­dard yes tem­plat­ed yes cus­tomized
Reme­di­a­tion action plan yes stan­dard yes stan­dard yes tem­plat­ed yes cus­tomized
Report yes tem­plat­ed yes tem­plat­ed yes tem­plat­ed yes cus­tomized
Com­pli­ance (PCI DSS, SOX, HIPAA, etc.) yes yes yes yes
Vul­ner­a­bil­i­ty mit­i­ga­tion as­sis­tance on demand on demand on demand yes op­tion­al
Retest after mit­i­ga­tion on request on request on demand yes in­clud­ed
Ready to start imme­di­ate­ly, round-clock 1 to 2 days 2 to 4 days 1 week
Dura­tion Scan: 5 min - 2+ hours.
Monitor: con­tin­u­ous­ly
2 to 3 days 6 days 2 to 5 weeks
Price Scan: free.
Monitor: 54 $ per month
15 USD per IP address.
180 USD per web­site
150 USD per IP address.
1500 USD per web­site

* Subscribe for 12 months and get 4 quarterly security assessments with a 10% discount.


How we work and what you get

The workflow of a typical security audit or pen test is the following:

Confidentiality →
We sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement and commit to confidentiality.
Clarification →
You answer our questions about the conditions and environment to help us define your requirements and expectations.
Engagement →
We analyze your source data and develop the Rules of Engagement (RoE) and the Project plan.
Approval →
We send you a detailed Commercial Offer, including Statement of Works, Specification (Rules of Engagement) and Project plan. Those documents define all the specific conditions and parameters of the audit or penetration test. After you accept our offer and approve the documents, then we can sign the Service Agreement.
Fieldworks →
The passive pentest phase begins with Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT). The active pentest phase includes interviews with your personnel, vulnerability identification, verification, exploitation, and evidence collection. Then we assess the risks of each vulnerability that we found and develop recommendations for vulnerability mitigation and continuous improvement.
The Security Assessment Report describes the findings and what should be done to improve your security. We consult you on vulnerability mitigation and perform a retest on demand. The project is completed.
Report Sample

Security Assessment Report includes all project deliverables.

A simple report structure is described below. Depending on the audit or pen testing requirements, conditions, restrictions, and parameters, the report can include additional sections.

  1. Executive summary.
  2. Planning and methodology.
  3. Security assessment results:

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